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Massage parlors Riga

Indigo massage studio

Honey massage, EROTIC massage, THE ROMANTIC COUPLE MASSAGE, Relaxing massage, Classical massage, Massage with four hands

Massage salon Gloria

Beautiful girls, different kinds of exotic massage, safety guaranteed.

Exotic massage Afina

We offer exclusive East exotic massage both for women, and for men. The Massage is based on a power of caress. In centuries it has developed and became a part of East religion, philosophy and intimate culture of a body. Influence of massage on a body and soul is very different - calming, stimulating, inflame, erotic. Exotic massage is based on different schools and kinds. In the Western culture it is regular classical and the Swedish massage, in the East it is Thai, Shiatsu and Ayurvedic massage. The masseur carries out exotic massage by finger-tips and all the body, observing personal borders of each individual in this delicate situation. The effect of exotic massage is surprising - the person relaxes and returns mental force, natural sensuality and ability to live to a high-grade, to work efficiently and enjoy life. It is a real miracle of relaxation, that everybody can afford. Try it yourself!

Massage Parlours Lilami

“EUPHORIA” relaxing massage, STONE massage, THAI FOOT massage, CHOCOLATE SPA massage,“LILAMI” EXCLUSIVE, AYURVEDIC, Buckweat, HONEY massage, COSMETIC CHEST massage, Infrared sauna, Jacuzzi

Rigas premier exotic massage salon Riga Vip Massage

Welcome to Riga VIP Massage! Riga's premier Riga Exotic Massage salon! Tons of sexy Riga Exotic Massage girls with online profiles!

Massage salon Caprice

relax, exotic, tantric massage, jacuzzi.

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